Learning about your brand, the style and message you want to focus on, its very important for your business and for me to design a logo that will communicate those values. Finding clarity, inspiration and the aesthetic of your brand will allow your marketing and message to flow easier and reach your ideal clients.
My design style is focused on minimalism and simplicity. I find less is more, and I try to evoke a modern yet timeless look to everything I create. I look forward to work together to make your vision and your brand a reality!

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In this question, I want you to think how important are the values for you in the business and how you want to treat your staff, your clients, suppliers, etc. Pick 3 adjectives that resonate the most
I want you to think way beyond the standard response you usually give on your business plan. In here I want you to imagine where does that person like to shop, what colors are they attracted to, what brands would they like, why do they want the service you offer, etc
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